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Classes to help keep your body, mind and spirit in a state of   


 no matter where you are in your journey.

Shirley Damberger 

  RMT, CTT, FST, Instructor 


Fundamentals of Oncology Level 1

I am proud to have developed and deliver this course as part 1 of a 2 part Oncology Massage Certification course for Seminars For Health.

Part 1, is a one-day Fundamentals of Oncology which takes the fear and misunderstanding out of providing professional soft tissue treatments to individuals who have had a cancer diagnosis or are actively affected by cancer.  

This path will give RMTs and other providers the foundation to confidently support oncology patients and cancer survivors with skilled and beneficial treatments.


Touch, Caring and Cancer:                      Simple Instruction for Family and Friends

One of the most comforting forms of support you can offer a loved one with cancer is the use of touch.

HOM is proud to share details of this inspiring course funded by the National Cancer Institute. Get detailed instruction by leading experts in the field of oncology massage with safe and simple techniques anyone can learn and apply. 


Virtual Mental Health 

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Pamela Moskie

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Josh Damberger

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