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HOM Made

Resources to elevate your practice

When we work together we lift each other up.  

We are proud to offer products that help you in the work that you do helping others.

We are adding more products to our HOM Made line and will have our shop up soon.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us to pre-order your items.

Call or text:  780-679-5997

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Products designed to decrease your environmental impact

Reusable Cotton Cleaning Wipes

Reduce your environmental impact by using washable wipes for keeping your clinic surfaces sparkling clean. 

6 for $10

Reusable Cotton Client Masks

Made in Alberta.

100% double layer of Cotton, adjustable, and comes with removable filter.  

Contact us about wholesale pricing and custom colours for your clinic or business. 




Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Mitts

For fast and touch free cleaning of all types of surfaces.  


Products designed to save you time

Cupping Apron

Have your cups within your reach and at the ready. 


Made of 100% cotton, it is easy to launder after each use. Fits up to 2 sets of four silicon cups (not included).  

Comes with removable, adjustable webbed fastener belt. 


Cup Carrier

100% Cotton with draw string

Ideal for safely placing cups on your work surface and being able to pick up the whole package to easily and quickly clean.  (cups shown are not included)


Scrub and Linen Laundry Bags

100% Cotton

Perfect for containing individual linens and PPE garments until you can get to laundering them.

Various sizes and custom colours for your clinic or business available upon request.  


All Natural Massage Gel

Check back for details... 

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